Exhibition & Sponsorship

MSHKS is socially responsible to ensure the safety of all parties involved in the conference. In order to achieve this, and to maintain a good balance in our personal health and safety as well as for those participants during the conference. We will need to adhere to the new SOPs that apply not only to the business events industry but also to the basic health and safety requirements and precautions that each of us should comply with.

Hence, we have revised the New Booth Layout Plan that allows spacious distance throughout the venue, especially between booths and aisles for physical distancing and circulation (2.0m distance between booth). Plan dedicated space for exhibitors, delegates, and visitors to interact safely while maintaining a physical distancing of 1.0m.

Please contact the Conference Secretariat (Reiase Planner) for more information.

Mobile: +6017 909 1502
Email: secretariat@mshks-conference.com